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Virtual Assistant Agency for Minority Female CEO’s, Mission Based Organizations, and Real Estate Professionals

What We Do

As a Business Development Consulting firm, Type My Docs helps you figure out what’s the next step for your business. Whether you are a busy CEO with a small or large business, a Services Professional, or Entrepreneur, we support all professionals from different walks of life.

General Admin Virtual Assistant

Great for solopreneurs that are just getting started with virtual assistant help for the first time!

Executive Virtual

For entrepreneurs who have the systems in place and the instructions set, but need more than administrative support.

Online Project

Perfect for CEOs, entrepreneurs and organizations managing a business and multiple projects simultaneously.

Online Business

Great for successful mission based organizations and 6 figure CEO's who are who are looking for a fresh start with a new team or build a team altogether.

I was ready to get help for what seemed an insurmountable task to me. There was so much to go through. I chose Farita because I fel t she and I think in the same way and organize in the same way. I appreciate how she can look at the bigger picture, break things down, communicate and adjust when needed. I felt like I had a partner. I feel a lot of trust towards Farita and I feel like I reached a major milestone with the support she provided me. I would absolutely recommend Farita to friends and family!
Linda Bertaut - Client
Linda Bertaut
Founder CEO, Charkralicious

Our firm was founded on November 2013 in Oakley, CA on the principles of making life easier for professionals who need help with day to day admin tasks, lengthy projects, and those tedious items that we like to call “busy work”.

With over 10 years’ experience in the private and public sector & supporting corporate and Non-profit industries, we are highly equipped to meet your business development needs.

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